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Julia Roberts, Owner of Jai Event Rentals and Design

Hi I'm Julia Roberts, owner of Jai Event Rentals and Design, your go to spot for that special rental piece to make your event design stand out.   I am a Certified Professional Wedding Planner,  an Accredited Event Designer, and owner of Jai Weddings and Events - a boutique event planning company known for our unique and customized decorating style.  With over 12 years of planning and executing corporate events, social celebrations, and fundraisers, we've acquired quite a collection of unique decor products, hence the birth of Jai Event Rentals and Designs.  We are committed to bringing you top quality products that are beautiful, functional and in premium condition to materialize your vision for your event space. Contact us today with your ideas, and lets start designing!


I'm in love with love, and all things weddings and events related. I take pride in my ability to visually create an aesthetic design based on your personality and style.  

Our Beginnings


Jai Event Rentals and Design is the rental company for Jai Weddings and Events.  We're excited to finally share our awesome inventory with you through our website. We're proud of the quality products we've collected to design amazing events, and now they are available to for rent assist with your event designs as well. We've got a little something suitable for all types of events, so we encourage Wedding Planners and Event Designers to come take a look around and CONTACT US with your rental request.



Our Philosophy


At Jai Event Rentals and Design, we hold ourselves to a high standard.  We aim to be recognized as not just the average party rental company, but rental providers with values distinguishable by the instilled principals be operate our business by



Continuous growth and evolution in a forever changing industry



Constant inventory upgrades without compromise to trendsetting; remaining flexible and adaptable to handling every occasion seamlessly



handling every rental and every design as our best work yet



living by our motto to give as you received, we treat every Employee, Client, and Vendor with courtesy and respect and equality 



keeping true to our word and commitment to our client



Our Commitment

We meet the needs of our Clients, using only top quality products and accessories, and conduct your business with creativity and excellence in our designs.  Our rental products are guaranteed to be high-quality products that are aesthetically beautiful, functional and in premium condition.



Your Transformation

We're here to facilitate your space transformation with unique and quality products.  Whether your renting from our extensive Catalog produce your event, or you secure our services to capture your vision, Jai Event Rentals and Design is committed to helping you CREATE and EXECUTE your BEST EVENT every time!!  Take a look at our wide collection of rental items, Request a Quote, or just Contact Us to start discussions on how the Jai Team can facilitate your event transformation.  We may even  help you solve complex design situations with custom decor pieces.  

Our Customers are saying ...


“Thank you Jai Event Rentals for providing such professional and quality services. It was an honor having you set up our backdrop for our company's 10yr anniversary celebration and the beautiful chair rentals. Fabulous job. Looking forward to recommending your company."


Furniture Rental

& Draping


"The transformation was real ... I didn't know this room could look like that"


Wedding Design


“Excellent planner and amazing decorator! Very courteous and professional. Favorable guest comments ..."


Event Design


“I've had the pleasure to work with Julia several times ... every event is a surprise, the level of creativity and thought going into every event is amazing"


Event Design



Accredited Event Designer
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