All rentals are subject to availability. Some items are special orders, which may require up to four (4) weeks to receive or manufacture.  Please place your orders or inquire about availability by submitting a Request for Quote here or send an email to  You can also call us directly at 646-397-3425.

All prices below are subject to tax, fees, and delivery charges when applicable

Draped Frame Arch     -   $200
Draped Frame Arch
(Silk florals not included)

Copper Gold Backdrop Stand
Metal frame backdrop stand 6ft H

$225.00 ea
Copper Gold Backdrop stand - 6ft
Copper Frame Arch Backdrop stand with - 6ft H x 4ft W - Copper

$165.00 ea
Hexagon Metal Frame Backdrop - 8ft
Metal frame backdrop stand - Hexagon 7ft H - Gold

$225.00 ea
Round Metal Frame Backdrop - 7ft
Metal Frame Backdrop Stand - Round 7ft H

$180.00 ea
Mesh Round Backdrop 6.5ft - GLD
Metal Frame Backdrop stand with Mesh inset - 6.5ft Round - Gold

$165.00 ea
Mesh Round Backdrop 5ft- WHT
Metal Frame Backdrop stand with Mesh inset - 5ft Round - Gold

$165.00 ea
Rustic Wooden Ceremony Arch
Rustic Wooden arch for ceremonies - 7ft sq

$225.00 ea
Rustic Triangle Backdrop
Rustic Triangle Wedding Ceremony Backdrop 7ft H

$165.00 ea
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